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Friday, August 26, 2011

African Mango - For Health and Weight-Loss

Mangoes from Africa boost health and vitality

From yahoo.com:

Goodbye, grapefruit diet. Hello, African mango?

Everyone’s looking for the magical weight-loss solution. Some claim they’ve found it in the African mango, the latest fruit fad to invade the weight-loss world. Its supplements have even been endorsed on The Dr. Oz show.

Dr. Tanya Edwards wrote on DoctorOz.com:

“Sounds like a magic bullet to me! I tried it myself, and lo and behold, in the first month of taking it (only once per day, mind you, instead of the recommended twice daily), I lost seven pounds without making any changes in my usual healthy diet and exercise routine!”

Africa’s “bush mango” boasts a special agent called IGOB131, a fat eliminator. Die-hard fans claim the fruit’s seeds contain a “’special fibre’ that binds to cholesterol and helps to eliminate unwanted fats from the body — thereby resulting in rapid weight loss.”

Some studies are backing up the weight-loss claims — and citing improved cholesterol and blood-sugar levels — but the researchers had “a vested interest in making the product,” making the results tough to take seriously.

Critics are rolling their eyes.

Fox News’ “medicine hunter” Chris Kilham points out fruit fibre and reduced cholesterol is a connection we’ve known about for ages. He would sooner recommend we enjoy healthy diets filled with a variety of vegetables and fruits — biting into succulent mangoes rather than popping extract supplements — than encourage us to give into the quick-fix promises of what he calls a “scam.”

Edwards, in a follow up to her “magic bullet” enthusiasm, conceded:

“The results have been slightly underwhelming. A few patients lost a few pounds, but it has not been the magic bullet I had hoped for. And with continued use, I have not lost any more weight.”

Fortunately, studies have shown no undesirable side effects.

Fibre is great for you. Instead of spending your hard-earned cash on supplements, head to your local fruit stand and buy a real mango or two.

Info on Mangoes in Africa and around the world

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