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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Images of Ghana: People and Culture

Vibrant, warm and festive, Ghana represents a beacon of hope for Africa and the world. Here are some images from Googoliath:

USA President Barack Obama and Ghana President John Atta Mills

Michael Essien, star of Chelsea and Ghana National Team

Joyce Aryee, CEO Ghana Chamber of Mines
African Female Business Leader For 2009

People and Culture images of Ghana:

Sit still, 'm almost finished!

The "Spirit of Togetherness", Umoja, delights Ghana

Of course, there's always drumming and dancing:

Incredibly beautiful women:

Ms. Aruwama Simpson, Miss Ghana 2010!

Ghana news and entertainment:

Wikileaks report linking corruption in Ghana and Norway, Statoil / BioFuel AS

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ghana at a CROSSROADS; Greening of Africa's secular leader

With oil discovered and in development for production off the shore of Ghana, the nation is facing some difficult decisions. Just at the time when it was becoming evident that Ghana may need to lead Africa's Green Revolution, economic forces are leading it to become even more dependent on oil, though of the local variety.

Here is advice for Ghana:

A) Wherever possible, encourage natural gas development rather than oil, as natural gas is an ideal transitional fuel on the road to a sustainable, clean energy economy.

B) Even though Ghana has oil, most of this will go to export, though Takoradi will also feed domestic markets and take pressure off the pipeline from Nigeria to the east. It is in Ghana's best interest to pursue an off-oil strategy domestically, even as it is concurrently developing the offshore resource. This means advancement of natural gas, biogas, biofuels such as ethanol and biodiesel, solar, wind and geothermal.

C) Create a National Energy Foundation Fund and put 70% of oil royalties into this fund, which should be earmarked for natural gas and green energy projects that benefit the nation. The technology, systems and expertise garnered from these projects will make Ghana an innovation and business leader of the continent. A second benefit of not taking the royalties directly into government revenue is that this will facilitate continued international assistance, something crucial for Ghana and Africa.

In summary, I realize neither major party in Ghana will agree to not develop the oil fields, so the best strategy for forward thinkers to pursue is bilateral; utilize the economic strength derived from oil exports and royalties to build Africa's leading solar economy on land.

John Evans, do you hear me Bro?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Is Solar Energy THE CURE for Ghana AND Africa?

Welcome to FEELING The SUN - Visions of a Bright Future

Solar Power alone cannot bring health and prosperity to Africa, but the myriad of localized development opportunities available among a broad spectrum of clean energy technologies indicates a bright future indeed. Photovoltaic solar, windpower, biomass / biogas / biofuels, ethanol, biodiesel, small-scale hydro, plus natural gas as a transitional fuel, supply a wide range of off-oil and clean electricity generation opportunities. I believe Canada can help Ghana develop alternative energy technology via joint ventures and assist in creating a range of renewable energy firms that can then export green systems and tech to Africa and the world, benefiting both nations and the global biosphere.

In the spirit of this vision, I intend to re-visit this first post several times in the coming weeks and months, expanding the list of links to include major Ghana and Canada business websites, with a particular emphasis on organizations developing and/or utilizing green power.

Feel free to post comments or enquiries!

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