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Thursday, May 12, 2011

SuperBabes; Earth's 10 most compelling beauties

Talented and gorgeous Serena Williams, seen in silhouette

Ten of the World's Ultra-Beautiful Ladies, presented alphabetically

These ten gorgeous women are presented in alphabetical order because really, how can you possibly rank such perfection?

Reon Kadena, Japanese model and actress

Tasmin Lucia Khan, BBC announcer

Honey Lee, former Miss Korea

Damaris Lewis, American supermodel

Jennifer Lopez - American Idol judge; Actress, Singer, Model

Rihanna, USA / Barbados pop singer and superstar

Krystle Awurama Simpson, Miss Universe Ghana 2010 / West African supermodel

Jessica White, USA hottie, actress and supermodel

Melat Yante, Miss Ethiopia 2009

Zhang Ziyi, gorgeous supermodel from China

Peace 2 All,

Yuya Joe College

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