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Monday, February 7, 2011

February 2011: Ghana News n Blues

Ghana Music Culture Business News - Feb 2011

Small and Medium-sized business conference in Accra, Ghana

Business Sense 2011 opens in Accra on February 24th, bringing together 5,000 exhibition visitors,over 40 exhibitors and 150 conference delegates who will be addresed by renowned local and international speakers with diverse expertise in business.

Business Sense 2011will provide the platform for the exposure of small and medium scale entrepreneurs to business opportunities(especially with the oil find in Ghana), financing options, credit facilities, networking events and the skills required for sustaining and expanding their businesses.SMEs account for about 90 per cent of companies in the country and Business Sense 2011 will seek to further expose such businesses to modern strategies and create the needed linkages between SMEs and big corporate organisations.Participating companies will also be presented with a unique platform to launch their new products and services.

SME Expo in Accra Ghana article on ModernGhana.com

Environmental Architecture firm seeks intern / volunteer

Do you have an interest in building design and construction and need some office work experience? S. Tetteh & Associates is an architectural practice firm based in Accra whose mission is to become a leading brand in the planning, design and implementation of sustainable human settlements through environmentally sensitive architecture. It is the ultimate goal of S. Tetteh & Associates to ensure that our architectural actions and decisions today do not inhibit the opportunities of future generations.

The firm works to produce designs that are functionally efficient, structurally stable and aesthetically pleasing while also enhancing the quality of the human habitat. The architects have successfully completed various residential, recreational, commercial and public building projects throughout the country. S. Tetteh and Associates aims to train the critical human resource in the construction industry for the physical development of Ghana and beyond.

More information on the architectural intern opening in Accra Ghana

Efo Kojo Mawugbe calls for Ghana Government to support "live" arts and culture

Efo Kojo Mawugbe, Executive Director of the National Theatre of Ghana, has called on government to make Ghana's culture more attractive by positively projecting it as a living identity of the state.

He said culture is currently perceived from a taxidermy approach, making it look unreal or dead and unattractive to the people and even tourism. Efo Mawugbe who was addressing participants at the 62nd Annual New Year School and Conference on Tuesday said developing the cultural minds of the people alongside other development processes was important to build their cultural confidence and make create a total sense of belonging. Speaking under the topic: "Youth, Culture and Development", he said the youth needed to be guided to become responsible agents of change and there was the need to boost their confidence and liberate them from fear of the bondage of an indigenous and unsafe origin that is perceived by others as outmoded.

He said there was also the need to carefully modernise some cultural aspects of the various traditions without removing important aspects of wisdom and values to make them more attractive to the youth and other nationals.

GhanaWeb.com article on support and promotion of live culture in Ghana

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